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heather accurso

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fundamentals of drawing / drawing 1

this was one of the first mandatory classes every student at the illinois institute of art would have to take. naturally, there were no required skills to enter the course. while a few students came with considerable training, most had never seriously tried to draw before.

we met twice a week for almost three hours per class over an eleven week quarter.

skills taught

  • understand the importance of skilled quick drawing / sketching as the essential foundation for detailed work
  • learn to accurately draw objects and figures in space with pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, pen and erasing techniques
    • gain representational drawing experience in gestural line, contour line and tonal approaches, and hybrids thereof
    • utilize sighting techniques to further understand proportion, scale, figure - ground relationships, angles and perspective
    • grasp the basics of linear one, two and three point perspective
    • observe and translate value, light effects and texture
  • recognize and exploit narrative potential within the confines of representational drawing
    • set up and light dynamic still-life arrangements
    • apply knowledge of design concepts (composition, contrast, balance, repetition, ...) to drawings
    • begin to interpret drawing as a visual language
  • acquire critique skills within the class / team environment using professional drawing vocabulary