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big city girls and creators

extremely busy, slightly more mature girl symbols are poised in the act of artistic creation, biological and reproductive in appearance. animal com- panions, ritual objects, vodou charms, modified toys and musical instruments, weapons, doc- uments, drawings, books, window views into the big city, and modern-day electronic devices convey multicultural, multihistorical, multidisciplinary, and multi- species intercommuni- cation. the contradictory coexistance of skewed linear perspective, gestural drawing, and academic rendering further epitomizes the transmutation.

images shown are details. click on the images to see to the full drawings and more details.

Heather Accurso - Rhino


big city girl 3: rhino, weapons, games.

Heather Accurso - Composer


creator I: composer, conductor with sphinx.

Heather Accurso - Installation Artist

installation artist

creator III: installation artist- rocks, hair, abyssinian.

Heather Accurso - Foxes


big city girl 2: books, feeding foxes, science project.

Heather Accurso - Gaudi


creators II: sand sculptors, water-soluble graffiti artists in gaudi chicago with abyssinian and devon rex.

Heather Accurso - Puppeteer


creators IV: puppeteer, puppet maker with albino gorilla

many of the puppets and puppet parts in this piece can be seen at the munich stadtmuseum where i photographed them in 2000.

Heather Accurso - African Art

african art

big city girl 4: jellyfish, music, african art, chapel

Heather Accurso - Bear


big city girl 1: night drawing with bear and bird / floor diary