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furry mythology

my work is figurative, obsessive, sometimes harsh, sometimes funny, full of symbols and can be understood within the context of chicago imagism.

in reference to the animal iconography, i call the the ongoing drawing series "furry mythology". it can be broken down into three distinct phases: spare, dense and classical.

the mutant series, on plain paper, with little spacial reference and minimal use of color, depicts icons as girl jesus, girl buddah, girl beast.

in the creator series, each work is filled to the last square inch. active girl- creator symbols work with animals, tools and script within tight, colorful spaces. in order to appreciate these pieces, the viewer must get up-close and personal.

the haarige religion series one of my current projects. here, the water- colored paper conveys a general mood, a portrait approach is utilized. airier space emphasizes the animal / human interaction.

at the same time, i work on the world situation series. guardian angels and human spirits in a yet-more reduced environement of disaster or thread are symbols of hope and re-conciliation.

to enter the galleries, click on the respective detail image. my latest images can be found on my flickr site.

Heather Accurso - the mutants series


Heather Accurso - the creator series


Heather Accurso - the Haarige Religion series

haarige religion

Heather Accurso - the World Situation series

world situation