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world situation

the world situation series combines fantasy with reality. unisex putti heads protect humans and nature from contemporary threats - fighting or overcoming war, terrorism, exploitation and natural disasters with magical botanical projections.

in some pieces, the baby heads represent human beings facing today's challenges (menschball).

images shown are details. click on the images to see to the full drawings and more details.

Heather Accurso - Highrise Plane

highrise plane

a 9/11 image.

Heather Accurso - The Meteor Catcher

the meteor catcher

protection from a space invader.

Heather Accurso - Menschball


big ol' ball o' human condition.

Heather Accurso - Fighter Jet

fighter jet

a confrontation.

Heather Accurso - Nuclear Test Site

nuclear test site

a cherub fights the ultimate destruction with a magical flower.

Heather Accurso - Renewable Energy

renewable energy

light(en) yourself up, with wind!