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mutants and cherubic chimeras

cross-bred christian, pa- gan, eastern mystics sporting archetypal body tattoos, exhibitionist/warrior attire, and animal parts- in this series, mutant baby girl religious icons float peacefully. they intelligently and fearlessly contemplate the viewer. if their eyes are closed, they're just meditating. some share the picture plane with a tightly-drawn seed, fruit, or flower, (symbols of fertility, knowledge, some kind of life-force), which lend the creatures a bizarre scientific - illustration - like credibility.

images shown are details. click on the images to see to the full drawings and more details.

Heather Accurso - Reclamation


reclaim a sense of yourself.

Heather Accurso - Janes


janes have nothing to do with tarzan. janes can sting. janes are siamese sisters in their purest state.

Heather Accurso - Flimming


something's in your head and wants to come out. sometimes, it's a brilliant idea. sometimes, it's a chameleon's nose.

Heather Accurso - Black Seed

black seed

a seed contains the information of a complete creature in the smallest independent package.

Heather Accurso - Talona Mary

talona mary

mary is a traditional occidental name - no more.

Heather Accurso - Reptilian Rapunzel

reptilian rapunzel

she lets down her long hair - but not for a prince.

Heather Accurso - Potato and two Views

potato and two views

a potato with eyes. a favorite toy among mutants.

Heather Accurso - Peach Pit and Three

peach pit and three

buddah girl mandala.

Heather Accurso - Girl with Pink Lungs

girl with pink lungs

i keep her in a box with a glass lid. perhaps, it's an incubator. or is she a scientific specimen preserved for medical students?