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haarige religion
(hairy religion)

animals take care of humans in the hairy religion series. the baby head is such a versatile subject, conveying spiritual re- signation, resistance, fear and more... in response to the therapy offered by the enlightened hairy ones.

some of the work shown here is work in progress and will change a bit before it's offically done. more drawings to come!

images shown are details. click on the images to see to the full drawings and more details.

Heather Accurso - Transfusion


transfusion, anyone?

Heather Accurso - Retreat


noisy and grey is our world. the creature needs a retreat.

Heather Accurso - Physical Therapy

physical therapy

joy ride.

Heather Accurso - Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

monks wrote books about herbs and the healing power of nature. a monkish rat administering a healing prescription?

Heather Accurso - Oxygen


here is a work in progress.

Heather Accurso - Epiphany


epiphany means "to show" or to "to reveal". my peacefull threesome applies this to a whole new world of headwear.