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heather accurso

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life drawing / figure drawing

for the most part, animation students took this course. for this group, it was especially important to have an accurate model of the human body intuitively avaliable, based on practice. we spent the first week drawing the skeleton - stupidly, i never photographed those drawings.

before this class, students had taken fundamentals of design and fundamentals of drawing. we met twice a week for three hours each meeting - the quarter was just under three months long.

skills taught

  • continue to develop personal drawing language, approach, style
  • apply and develop learned drawing skills, focusing on the nude as a subject
    • begin with energetic gestural line studies of quick poses and advance to developed tonal studies of the standing, seated or reclining figure
    • maintain conciousness of the core (torso) and it's essential thrust
    • view the body as a set of geometric shapes revolving arround the core, working larger shapes first, developing smaller shapes last
    • culitvate ability to check and adjust work
  • develop ability to assess one's drawings and the drawings of others within the critique forum - what is a good drawing?