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born in chicago in 1969, i grew up there, went to school there, taught there and exhibited there, until i married a german astrophysicist and moved to cologne, germany (2002). we re-located to ann arbor, michigan, in 2008.

i'm currently at work on the thus far twenty-year-old series, involving the child symbol. see my work on this site or, for images of more recent drawings, and hi res images of older work please visit my flickr page.

favorite artists include: käthe kollwitz, vera klement, odilon redon, ivan albright, remedios varo, eleanor spiess-ferris, francis bacon, horst janssen, william kentridge, philipp otto runge, hieronymus bosch...

about legal issues

all artwork on this website is either copyright heather accurso or by my respective students. do not copy the imagery found here on any private or commercial web-site without written permission. indexing engines like google are exempt from this regulation and, of course, you are more than welcome to link my site!

for educational purposes, you may use my artwork from this website.

if you are interested in the original artwork or higher quality files, contact me via e-mail.