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student work
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student work - ink drawings

ink with brush on paper

approximately 61 x 46 cm

ink can be a frustrating medium for those who like control. the benefits: all those drips, brush marks, and splaters give the work a lively quality. the brush glides across the page, and maps in a value, quickly and efficiently, assisting the artist, when a pose needs to be captured within minutes, seconds.

all of these examples were completed in life drawing.

Crouching Study


a simultaneously abstract and realistic gestural study - 60 second pose.

Seated Male (Detail)

seated male

this tri-color value study (white and black conte crayon with charcoal) was developed over a brush and ink drawing, thus imbuing it with ink's trademark spontaneity.

Two Figures

two female figures

one with value, one without.

Ink-Study with Sticks

gestural study with stick

this piece was drawn with a twig dipped in india ink. a primitive tool helps to sharpen the grasp of essential form and energy.