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the foundations projects shown here represent the work of graphic design, multi-media, animation, fashion design and interior design majors at the illinois institute of art at chicago, where i taught as a full-time instructor.

the galleries include corresponding explanations, project instructions and goals.

dear students,

i could not contact all of you. please contact me if you would like your full name listed under your artwork. let me know what you are up to!

images shown are details. click on the images to see full examples of my students' drawings.

Heather Accurso's Students: Selft Portraits

self portraits

use your technique to express yourself

Heather Accurso's Students - Life Drawing

life drawing

figures and objects drawn from life

Heather Accurso's Students - Sketchbook


quickly capture the essence of something - assignments taking between 10 seconds and 1 hour

Heather Accurso's Students - Color Theory


images that are not representational

Heather Accurso's Students - Still Life

still life

arranging objects in space, reproducing them two-dimensionally, capturing their interaction with light

Heather Accurso's Students - Collage


reinventing through combining

Heather Accurso's Students - Ink


a fluid medium!