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student work
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student work - sketchbook examples

ballpoint pen, felt tip pen or drawing pencil on paper

approximately 30 x 23 cm

in fundamentals of drawing, life drawing and advanced drawing students drew six or more full pages of particular subjects every two to three weeks for homework.

they were encouraged to view complex forms (people, architecture and animals) as pure shape, to scribble them down quickly with energetic gestural line.

Persons on a Beach

beach people

moving subjects help artists concentrate on basic geometric structure - there's no time to get lost in detail.

Tiger studies in a Zoo

tiger, relaxing

working the page, creating a meaningful dynamic composition is part of the power of a sketch.

Horse in a Zoo


a complex, well-drawn subject can stand alone and centered.

denser, darker line conveys shadow and dark values, lighter line - lighter values and light.

A Chicago Backyard


Chigacos Marina Towers

marina city towers

in class, students drew a changing still-life (1.5 minutes per arrangement) of brown paper bags in preperation for quick drawings of architecture. this trained them to instinctively check negative spaces and to compare heights, widths and angles.