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student work - drawn collages

assorted materials and formats

this gallery features all projects that had a collage sensibility about them, only one involves the literal attachment of images in the final product.

collaging disparate and/or related images together facilitates the communication of outlandish or surrealistic ideas that are true to life in expression or mood, if not in appearance.

Exquisite Corpse Collage

hybrid figure

two concepts make up each section - head, torso, legs. the six concepts here were 242 year old male / morbid, rock formations / bike messenger, swimming / jagged.

design 1-students came up with and wrote down words for each of these six categories: age/sex, career, personality, place, action, and texture, throwing the words into their respective separate piles.

they then randomly selected six new words, one from each pile, and assigned two of the six concepts to each of the three sections of the body, communicating those ideas with mixed media collage, a mixture of hand drawing and spliced photocopies.

Tryptic Study


in fundamentals of drawing, students drew three photographic images cropped inside of a circle, rectangle and square (although this student chose to work with two rectanges and a circle!), cut them out and arranged them on the final sheet of paper. capturing the illusion of texture was a major goal here. students used stumps and erasing techniques. a grid was also utilized - sometimes, to scale the drawing up or down, but most often as a tool to match shape relationships.

a kind of visual poetry emerged, a narrative through image proximity.

A three palette study

three palettes

here the color theory student artist was given the task of altering the palette and surrounding details of the same image in order to persuade three specific audiences with three distinctly different subjects. an accompanying written explanation was required.

the first image is a chicago board of tourism advertisement. background color is high intensity primary color (a triad), indicating a fun, engergetic and youthful place. the figure is a colorless void, desiring fulfillment - psychological, physiological, symbolic color.

the second image is a travel brochure advertisement for seniors. low contrast tints of warm hues convey tropical sunsets, warm temperatures and a peaceful feeling - symbolic, naturalistic, psychological use of color.

the third drawing was designed as an ad, promoting the youthful effect of a product. intense complementary color emits high energy sensations - simultaneous contrast - physiological color (ok, the piercings and hairstyle are also quite effective).

Collage Drawing

collage head

this is a graphite value drawing of a collage done for advanced drawing. the student composed this head from assorted fragments of liquor advertisement photos (scotch, whiskey and so on). the great giuseppe arcimboldo was his inspiration.



an advanced drawing project, graphite on bristol board.