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student work - life drawing examples

black and white conte crayon, charcoal on toned charcoal paper

approximately 61 x 46 cm

these drawings were done in class around the seventh week of the life drawing course.

students had approximately four hours of work time, although the figures in each piece were quickly placed and adjusted (the first twenty minutes of class were always devoted to gestural warm-up drawings on newsprint of quick poses).

the tri-color value study involves depicting the figure through utilizing the paper tone as the middle value, applying light values with white conte crayon, and dark values with charcoal and black conte crayon. when the paper color is not neutral, or a middle tone (yellow, for example) the artist must apply more medium grays in charcoal, conte, and/or ink.

Male Portrait

male portrait

Reclining Nude

reclining nude

this drawing is simply a charcoal study. many, many quick drawings of fifteen-second to three-minute poses were done during the first six weeks of the course - preparing the student artist to tackle a longer sitting. lindsey achieved accuracy with regard to proportion and simultaneously maintained a lovely, expressive texture and line.

Seated with Hat

seated with hat

Seated Yellow

seated yellow

Pen Study Standing

pen study (standing male with dressform)

advanced drawing five minute pose in sketchbook, 31 x 23 cm.