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student work - non-objective examples

prismacolor pencil and rapidograph pen, felt tip pen on bristol

approximately 36 x 26 cm

these projects illustrate basic design principles without representational imagery, allowing the student artist to focus on the pure visual elements (shape, line, value, texture, color and composition).

depending on viewers' interpretations, certain moods, landscapes and narratives come across clearly or suggestively.

Balls of Color

5 circular designs- 5 palettes

this color theory project (the first) familiarized students with general subtractive color wheel groupings and with the neutralizing of intensity through mixing, layering.

five palettes were applied to five circular designs - primary, secondary and tertiary colors, as well as tints and shades (one color mixed with black and white) and chromatic grays (one color mixed with varying amounts of its complementary color).

Figure Ground Interchange

Figure Ground Interchange

Figure Ground Interchange

figure-ground interchange

these square designs (second project, basic design) are composed of equal amounts of positive and negative shape. students repeated the composition, filling in the reverse shapes the second time around.

the problem's solution creates awareness of the importance of the space around positive information. simultaneously, a rich and personal texture and pattern vocabulary is sparked. as prep work, students drew twenty textures/patterns in the sketchbook.